National Civic League

All-America City Award


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All-America City

The National Civic League invites you to apply for America’s oldest and most prestigious community recognition award. The All-America City Award recognizes exemplary grassroots community problem solving and is awarded to communities of all sizes that collaboratively tackle challenges and achieve results. Apply as a neighborhood, village, town, city, county or region.


Economic Stimulus: All-America City finalists and winners receive national attention, a boost for recruitment of industry, jobs and investments. The All-America City status has helped winners attract new and retain businesses that mean jobs and a stronger tax base. Winners have also seen an increase in tourism and grants.

Increased Civic Engagement: The All-America City Award has transformed participants and their communities. From the application to the competition, this program promotes hope and energizes people with a can-do spirit. All-America Cities are national models, inspiring others who face similar critical challenges.

How is the All-America City Award Unique?

More than 600 cities, towns, counties, neighborhoods and regions have won this prestigious award since 1949. It is given to the entire community! Some communities have won it 5 times! The application process itself presents a unique opportunity for communities to evaluate themselves and foster stronger community partnerships.