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The National Civic Review, the quarterly journal of the National Civic League, is one of the nation's oldest civic affairs journals. Now in its 99th year of publication, the Review features thoughtful essays on democratic governance and civic engagement. The journal is published for NCL by Jossey-Bass Publishing. There are two ways to receive NCR: one is to subscribe directly; the other is to become a member of the National Civic League and receive NCR as a benefit of membership.

Model City Charter, 8th Edition

Defining Good Government in a New Millennium { order }
The eighth edition of the Model City Charter strongly endorses the council-manager structure of municipal government that was first proposed in 1915 as the National Civic League's (then the National Municipal League's) model form. In the years since, the Model has been refined to reflect the evolution of the council-manager plan, the most widely used governmental structure in American cities with a population over 10,000. The fundamental principle of the model, that all powers of the city be vested in a popularly elected council that appoints a professional manager who is continuously responsible to and removable by the council, has endured ever since.

The Civic Index, 3rd Edition

Measuring Your Community's Civic Health { order }
Successful communities understand that addressing challenges requires different skills than those employed by previous generations of problem solvers. For communities to reinvent themselves and move toward fundamental change, they must be willing to redefine what they mean by democracy, community, citizenship and leadership. The Civic Index is a valuable tool for communities to use to evaluate where they stand within this new model of Citizen Democracy and to determine their strengths and weaknesses. For more information click here.

The Community Visioning and Strategic Planning Handbook

National Civic League Press, Third Printing { download }
The handbook lays out the framework of the successful community planning processes used by the National Civic League and others across the country. These processes have been customized and effectively used in numerous places around the country to address a wide range of issues. This third printing includes a condensed version of the second edition of the Civic Index.

Other Publications and Ordering Information

The National Civic League has published an extensive collection of works over the years spanning a range of topics, including: local government performance measurement, campaign finance reform and clean campaigns, civic renewal, governance, and collaborative problem solving.

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