National Civic League

Fall 2013

Special Issue, National Civic Review

Philanthropy and Resident Engagement: The Promise for Democracy

Table of Contents

Guest Editor's Note

Peter H. Pennekamp

Beyond the Brink: A New Call to Action on Resident Engagement By Community Foundations

Prepared by the CFLeads Cultivating Community Committee

The View from the Heights of Arnstein's Ladder: Resident Engagement by Community Foundations

G. Albert Ruesga, Barry Knight

Case Study: Foundation for the Mid-South

Cynthia M. Gibson

Neighborhood Necessities: Seven Functions that Only Effectively Organized Neighborhoods Can Provide

John McKnight

Case Study: Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque

Cynthia M. Gibson

Case Study: The Denver Foundation

Matt Leighninger

The Why and How of Engaging Residents for Change

Garland Yates, Tim Saasta

A Conversation with Emmett Carson

Peter H. Pennekamp

Philanthropy and the Regeneration of Community Democracy

Peter H. Pennekamp with Anne Focke

Building Resident Leadership in Detroit: the Skillman Foundation’s Experience

Tonya Allen

Resident-Centered Community Building: What makes it different?

Anne, C. Kubisch, Patricia Auspos, Tom Dewar and Sydney Taylor